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My Yoni Pearl Detox Experience 🙈

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

My first time using detox pearls was great!

I used one of the detox pearls to test my sensitivity, it went in easily. I went into a squat position and used my index finger to guide it in. Detox Pearls should be inserted 5-7 cm inside your yoni (approximately the length of your middle finger). I hardly felt anything after the pearl was inserted. I thought because it was surrounded in cloth I might have felt a little discomfort but I felt nothing.

Let's see how the rest of the day goes...

8hrs later

The past few hours have been great. I had no irritation a few times I felt like it was coming out but it's still in.

14hrs later

During the middle of the night maybe for about 30 minutes after I fell asleep. I started to experience a little of what seemed like a burning sensation but it went away after a few minutes. It could have been because I accidentally tugged on the string while using the bathroom. (I suggest taping the string to your upper thigh because it is very long and will fall into the towel if not careful. Trust me!)

24hrs later

Not sure if it's because the pearl shifted but I was having discomfort when sitting down but it wasn't painful.

Now its time to take out the yoni detox pearl 🤨🙈

I had a little difficulty and discomfort while removing the pearl the first attempt. I stopped and tried to relax and it came right out. It had blood and some inner mucus on it. After the Yoni Detox, I experience irritation, odor and expelled tissue and lining. The odor and purge lasted for about 2 days.

Results were fewer cramps, clotting and other pains.


After you finished one detox wash your yoni with warm water. If you are doing a treatment reinsert another pearl after 24hrs. Treatment consists of 3 pearls one after another or three inserted at once with a 24 hr break in between treatment. A pad or liner should be worn for the rest of the purge period (about 3 days).

I took my pearl out after two days of having it inserted and I did another treatment after 24hrs.

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